A very lucky Friday the 13th

It snowed here on Friday – the first snow to stick around more than 24 hours this year (although the forecast calls for warmer temperatures this week). By coincidence, it was also a recording date for The Model Railway Show – the podcast I produce and co-host with another S scale enthusiast, Jim Martin.

Jim drives in from his home, which is about two hours away by highway. So lately, we’ve been turning the recording sessions into a social event as well by inviting a couple of friends – fellow S scalers, all – to join us for lunch at Harbord House. This time, Jim and I were joined by Daniel McConnachie. Dan brought along some brick sheets from Model Builders Supply to look at and we had an excellent lunch.

Our publican, John Oakes, had good news for us as well:

Harbord House always has a guest tap and last month it was Conductor’s Craft Ale from Junction Craft Brewing. We enjoyed this and were sorry that it was only available for a limited time. Well, it seems others felt the same way because John has added Conductor’s Craft Ale to his impressive selection of permanent taps. Well done, John, and who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?

It’s great to have such a pub as my local. Harbord House serves real food: Unlike many other establishments, John believes in “cooking” (not “heating”) and the menu is excellent. Equally refreshing is the pub’s commitment to offering an interesting selection of craft brews covering all tastes. There’s no industrial dreck on tap – just real beer from and for people who love the drink. I couldn’t ask for anything better. (In fact, writing this has made me crave a pint!)

After lunch on Friday, we retreated to my place for a quick look at the layout in progress. It was Dan’s first visit and I think he went away inspired. I look forward to having the S Scale gang back again soon and will have to push on with projects so I have fresh things to show them.

As an aside, the current edition of The Model Railway Show – Episode 30 – features Jim’s interview with Ed Loizeaux. Ed is a well-known personality in the S Scale world and a very personable interview. He joins Jim to talk about how he got into S, how it’s often (wrongly) confused with American Flyer, what he loves about working in 1:64, and where he thinks the scale is headed.

It’s a good introduction to S Scale: Have a listen.

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