CNR 3737 :: Tender work “finished”

My friend Andy Malette and I basically shelved the CNR 2-8-2 project for the summer and fall, as real life took priority. But with the weather turning colder and the project languishing for many months, we decided to get back at it yesterday. With a few hours work, I can now declare the brass-bashing on the tender “finished”.

Tender - body finished - front

Tender - body finished - rear

Is any project ever finished? There’s more I could do, I’m sure. But at some point, one has to put down the tools and decide it’s time to move onto the next phase of the project. As I look at these photos, I see a few things I could still do – but other than straightening some bent handrails and drilling a hole to run wires for the rear light, I’m happy with things as they are.

Next week, it’s back to the front end…

3 thoughts on “CNR 3737 :: Tender work “finished”

  1. Well, it’s about time! I’ve spent just weeks waiting for an update, so I’m really chuffed to see this!


    • Well, as I’m sure you know, real life takes priority over trains. And I’m happy with that. But it does mean there are going to be spells in which I’m not working on CNR 3737, the layout, or other hobby projects.
      It’s all good, though – and I’m hoping to finish this project this year. Just don’t hold me to that.

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