A visit from Bill Kerr

My friend Bill Kerr from Alberta was in town last night, and dropped in to see my new layout.

Bill and I have known each other for several years now, having met through a mutual interest in the Maine two-footers. Bill, Terry Smith and I were moderators on the MaineOn2 Yahoo Group for some time, and we still talk regularly about the hobby and other things.

This was Bill’s first visit since I tore down my On2 layout. I know he’s sad to see the On2 layout has gone, but is adult enough to recognize that interests change. And as a fellow modeller in On2, he appreciates first-hand the various frustrations (too numerous to document here) that I experienced modelling those lines in that scale and gauge combination.

My Maine two-footer.

My Maine two-footer.

Anyway, Bill enjoyed seeing the new layout and likes the cows.

Cows in the Lynn Valley.

I gave him a couple to take home to see if he can use them for forced perspective in O scale.

We discussed various things, including scenery treatments – something Bill is particularly good at. I have some fresh ideas as a result.

I showed Bill my CN Mogul kit, which builds into one of these:

S Scale Workshop - Cover photo SScaleWorkshop-CoverImage_zps884a9f05.jpg
(Photo taken on the S Scale Workshop modular layout. Click on the image to visit the Workshop online*)

The kit was created by Simon Parent and Bill said he might have cut up brass into small pieces to feed into the pot to cast the domes for this model, during a visit to Simon’s workshop many years ago. It’s a small world.

After the layout tour, we retired to The Caledonian to split a Taste of Scotland (Scotch egg, haggis fritters, sausage rolls), a couple of steak pies with mash, and pints of 80/-. A delightful evening!

My only regret? Bill doesn’t live closer. He would be a great addition to my regular construction crew.

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