CNR 3737 :: that’s MUCH better…

Last week, I wrote about a wonky headlight on my CNR 2-8-2.

This week, I stole a bit of time from other commitments to hit the workbench. I unsoldered the assembly, repositioned it, and secured it back in place. I even managed to add the mount for the number plate, complete with grab iron. The face of CNR 3737 now looks like this:

CNR 3737 - Headlight fixed

I’m back on track. And it occurs to me that I will have to ask Andy Malette about number plates for our project.

5 thoughts on “CNR 3737 :: that’s MUCH better…

  1. Much better. I felt so bad when you broke it out to show off your progress Saturday and discovered it’s squinty face at the time!

    Glad it was a quick fix!

    Looking forward to the next installment.


  2. Hi Trevor

    Not sure why but the flag picture on your blog has been blacked out the last few posts.

    I’m using Safari on MacOS 10.13.6

    Keep up the good work. I remember trying to solder cast parts on a brass Ma&Pa 2-8-0 many years ago. Quite the learning curve!

    all the best

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