See you in Burnaby in May!

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If you’re in the greater Vancouver area, I’m a guest speaker at the 5th annual Railway Modellers Meet of British Columbia. This is a convention organized by the members of the 7th Division PNR-NMRA, and takes place May 22-24, 2020 at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby.

The theme for this year’s gathering is “The Road Less Travelled” and in my opening address I’m to set the tone. To that end, I’ll be exploring some of the rabbit holes I’ve been down in the hobby, and how they improved my enjoyment of railway modelling. I’ll also offer suggestions about how others can broaden their focus, and (hopefully) reap more rewards from this great hobby of ours. I’ll also be giving a clinic that focuses more specifically on Port Rowan, and modelling in 1:64.

For more on the convention, click on the logo at the top of this post. Bookmark the RMMBC site and check back often – more information will be posted there between now and May.

I hope to meet some of you there!

4 thoughts on “See you in Burnaby in May!

  1. Trevor,
    I got the email about this just a couple days ago. I’m debating if I want to take the trip north from Seattle, but seeing your name is getting me more convinced. It would be nice to meet you in person. Humm..

  2. Hi Craig and Stephan,

    We would love to see you at RMMBC. Vancouver in May makes for a great holiday for the supporting members of the team. I am very confident that you will find the Meet very interesting. A great set of clinics/workshops, ops sessions, layout tours, and as you have mentioned, the best part is all the other modellers you will get to meet in person. If I can be of any assistance re the Meet or Vancouver, please drop me a line.

    John Geddes
    Clinics Coordinator, RMMBC Committee.

    p.s. Trevor thanks for your post.

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