Port Rowan turntable – installed

Chris Abbott visited last night and we tackled the final installation of the turntable in Port Rowan:

Port Rowan turntable installed

As previously described, I kit bashed my turntable, starting with a kit from Custom Model Railroads. I also bought CMR’s turntable motor and motor mount:

CMR turntable motor and motor mount

This is a small but torque-y motor, with gearing of more than 7000:1, so it turns the bridge nice and slow. The motor mount, like the turntable itself, is laser cut from acrylic. I have to admit I was a bit dubious when I first saw the motor mount kit because of the number of butt-joints involved, but I built it and it exceeded my expectations: The Plastic Weld From Plastruct worked as advertised, melting the acrylic and creating a bond as strong as the material itself. The mount includes windows on all sides to allow me to reach the grub screws and collars that connect the motor to the turntable shaft, and everything is removable if necessary for servicing. A very well-designed kit.

I’ve also finished installing, distressing and staining the ties on the approach track, and added some short lengths of rail to help align the turntable during installation. With more rail expected soon – possibly as early as today – I’ll have the approach track finished in no time, and be able to test the turntable function.

Then, I’ll actually be able to run my first operating session – staging trains on the main and siding in St. Williams until we get the sector plate finished. Exciting times…

Chris and I started our work session by ripping a pile of finger joint pine on the table saw – for use as risers, scenery supports, valance and fascia framing and so on. More layout-building fun ahead!

Lumber cut for risers

11 thoughts on “Port Rowan turntable – installed

  1. As a diesel era modeler I am happily free from turntables and their endless mechanical issues, but this is very cool!

    • Thank you, Seth. I’ve had some awful experiences in the past with turntables so I pleased at how this one is working out … so far. There’s always diesels…

  2. Trevor,

    Excellant work on the turntable. I’m sure you are now very anxious to get to that operating session. I like the new design for the section house too.


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