Turntable polarity switcheroo

When I installed the turntable at Port Rowan, I used a Lenz LK100 to handle polarity reversing for the bridge rails. This came from a previous layout and worked fine – for the time.

But having experienced first-hand the super-fast, super-quiet, microprocessor-driven Hex Frog Juicer from Duncan Mcree at Tam Valley Depot, I was mildly annoyed by the slightly-slower, somewhat-noisy, relay-based Lenz product. (To be fair to Lenz, the LK100 has been on the market for a while and served me very well. But as we all know, All Things Electronic get smaller, cheaper, and faster – in pretty much no time at all these days.)

Dual Frog Juicer vs Lenz

So, I ordered a Dual Frog Juicer – which can also be used to manage reversing sections on DCC-equipped layouts – from Tim Warris at Fast Tracks. It arrived today and before you could say, well, “Dual Frog Juicer”, I had it installed on the layout:

Dual Frog Juicer - Installed

(For those wondering, the masonite shelf above the circuit is there to offer some protection from any drips from above during eventual scenery work. No point in gumming up the works with gluey ballast or Sculptamold.)

Works great – thanks Duncan!

4 thoughts on “Turntable polarity switcheroo

  1. Thanks for the tip. I have a turntable directly over a reversing loop. The Hex Frog Juicer is made to order…and I did!

    • Hi Ed:
      You’re most welcome.
      One of the things I enjoy about reading other people’s blogs is the tips I pick up for my own efforts. I’m happy whenever somebody gets something useful out of mine.

    • Thanks Duncan. Love the Juicers! I have two Hex Frog Juicers for my track switches and they too have drip guards.

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