More meadow madness

Work continues on the basic scenery in Port Rowan.

I’ve now added basic ground cover to most of the space between the yard and the backdrop. This includes a most of the driveway that runs behind the station to the team track and coal dealer:
Port Rowan station parking area photo PtR-Driveway-01.jpg

Port Rowan team track ground cover photo PtR-TeamTrack-01.jpg

I’ve also added basic ground cover around the main track where it passes between the orchards to enter Port Rowan. This section of track is now ballasted as well:
Meadow between orchards photo PtR-Meadow-09.jpg

Finally, I’ve started to add some colour to the scene, with flowers from Woodland Scenics and Scenic Express. Here, Woodland Scenics flowers grow in a mass planting in yellow and lavender:
Yellow meadow flowers photo PtR-MeadowFlowers-04.jpg

Purple meadow flowers photo PtR-MeadowFlowers-02.jpg

Meantime, Scenic Express “babys breathe” (sic) adds height and white:
White meadow flowers photo PtR-MeadowFlowers-03.jpg

The overall effect creates a subtle yet welcome addition of colour, I think. There’s still much to do, but every little bit helps and I think I’m headed in the right direction.
Flowers by the turntable photo PtR-Meadow-08.jpg

4 thoughts on “More meadow madness

  1. Trevor,

    Like the overall effect. I also like the fact t hat you do not have the overall green with flowers mixed in, you have great tall dry grass look. Your bright/shade (cloud) lighting effect makes the overall scenery look very realistic.


    • Hi Matt:
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I’m pleased with how the lighting enhances the meadow scene, too.

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