Last of the grass…

… at least, around the rails in Port Rowan.

Today I airbrushed the rails on the turntable approach, then applied static grass between the ties:
Grass on TT approach photo PtR-TTApproach-Grass.jpg

Yes, a locomotive will run through that grass without any problems. I’ve already tested it.

Along the upper edge of the photo, the apple orchards have received a first pass of ground cover too. But more on that after the glue dries and I can take proper photos…

4 thoughts on “Last of the grass…

  1. Trevor-
    The turntable reminds me a few shot in the SP Friant Branch book. The grass is very realistic. How do you get the grass only between the ties? What do you use to bond the grass to the roadbed?

    • Hi Gene:
      Thanks for the nice words!
      I use Weldbond – diluted slightly with water. After all ballasting is done and dry, I use an eyedropper to apply one or two drops between each tie – near the centre. I apply a drop between the ties outside the rails too – near the ends of the ties. When I have about three feet done I hit it with the Noch Grassmaster. Do another three feet and repeat.
      Then go away for an hour – come back and carefully vacuum up the grass that didn’t stick.
      It’s tedious but goes remarkably quickly.
      I suggest experimenting on a test track first.
      I know those photos of the SP in Friant CA well. The book by Joe Dale Morris remains a favourite of mine…

  2. Trevor,
    What kind of paint are you spraying the static grass with? I’ve had mixed success using brushed-on acrylics – they tend to bead up – obviously airbrushing is the way to go.

    • Hi Marty:
      I’m using Model Color by Vallejo – available at military modelling shops. And yes, I airbrush it. Vallejo does a great selection of greens and browns (used for camouflage). They also do a good range of flesh tones and other colours – all of which dry dead flat – so I use them for painting figures, too.

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