That’s how many trees I have to build for the apple orchards at Port Rowan.

But first, the ground under the trees needed attention, so I’ve attended to it.

I started by gluing down the Woodland Scenics tree bases in a regular pattern. I then covered the orchard area with a darker brown paint than what I’m using under uncultivated fields. While the paint was still wet, I added ground tea leaves and dilute Weldbond. When dry, I went back and added lines of Weldbond along the three bases and topped these with some scatter material and static grass. This defines the rows of trees.
Under the apple trees photo PtR-Orchard-04.jpg

Orchard ground cover photo PtR-Orchard-05.jpg

I’ve actually started the trees as well – adding Woodland Scenics Fine Leaf Foliage to the company’s bendable armatures. I’ll add Woodland Scenics apples when I get the orchard fully planted, but the first five trees are done:
Five down - 200 to go. photo PtR-Orchard-06.jpg

200 to go.

I will have to add fences around the orchards before I plant the trees at the front of the layout. It’s on the to-do list.

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    • Thanks Daniel. It’ll take some time to do all the trees but I think you’re right – it’ll look pretty good when it’s done.

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