VIA Rail in the Don Valley

Something a little different – about as far from Port Rowan in the 1950s and one can get.

While driving the Don Valley Parkway today, I spotted a VIA train heading southbound on the CNR line. I’ve never seen a VIA train on this line – I don’t take the DVP that much – so I dumped off the highway at Bayview, hauled out my smart phone, and caught the train on video across from the Evergreen Brick Works:
VIA Rail - Don Valley photo VIA-DonValley-VideoStill_zps3f6d2e1c.jpg

I’m really glad I did – it was one impressive passenger train, especially in the 21st century!

Note to my readers from outside of Canada: all of our passenger trains are like this. And if you believe that…

5 thoughts on “VIA Rail in the Don Valley

    • I think so, Pierre. What’s more, they probably put different numbers on the other side of the cars so it looks like a different train on the return journey…

  1. All stainless, domes and a proper tail end. It could only be the Canadian! I had no idea its latest incarnation was such a serious train.

    Awesome catch. Should be repeatable given that it is a scheduled train.

    • I was surprised by its size too, Mark. I expected two locomotives and 15-16 cars – not three and 23. A model of that train would be more than 50 feet long in O scale…

  2. Trevor

    When I watched this I thought boy, VIA has long trains compared with the Amtrak trains in US. However, looks like this is not the norm, unless rail travel is making a come back! Thanks for sharing. 50 ft long in O scale……puts a reality check on the king of scales there!


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