Terrain in the Lynn Valley

I’ve been slicing, stacking and sticking layers of foam board to create the basic terrain in the Lynn Valley. I’ve now filled in around the trestle and up to the west side of the Stone Church Road overpass in St. Williams.
Terrain around the Trestle photo LynnTrestle-TerraFoama.jpg

Foamboard Cut photo StoneChurchRd-TerraFoama.jpg

Next step – shaving, sawing and shaping to create gentle slopes and a rock cut.

2 thoughts on “Terrain in the Lynn Valley

  1. Hi Trevor

    How do you find the purple foam for carving. Our groups preference is for blue or red, we would even take white over the purple ;^)


    • Hi Bill:
      I’ve never had any issue with the purple foam board (Owens Corning “Foamular” board). It cuts just fine with an Olfa knife and rasps work well on it too.
      It’s the only stuff I can find these days in 1/2″ thicknesses (plus others). I’ve bought enough to do the rest of the layout so I’m in good shape. I only have a bit more to do – between track and fascia in St. Williams is about it.

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