Friday Fun with John and Pierre

Last Friday, John Mellow and I visited our mutual friend Pierre Oliver to spend the day working on his HO scale layout, which represents the Wabash Railroad’s Buffalo Division.

John and I had a great time on the ride down and back – it’s 2.5 hours to Pierre’s place from my house, so there was plenty of time to talk trains of all sizes. John worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway at one time and he’s a regular fixture at Toronto’s Roundhouse Park, where he’s helping to restore the Don Station as part of the Toronto Railway Museum. It’s a special project for John, who worked as the operator at the Don Station in the mid-1960s before the railway closed the station and moved it off the property. (Here’s a picture of John at work, back in the day.)
 photo Mellow65-771541_zps59071798.jpg
(Click the photo to visit the Don Station restoration online.)

At Pierre’s, I returned to my work in his model of Delhi, Ontario. I’ve been laying track, including spurs into the Imperial Tobacco plant there, and I celebrated a milestone on Friday by finishing the spiking of all turnouts. The area still needs to be wired and then the track work can be properly tested under power. John performed surgery on some structures for Aylmer, Delhi and Courtland, while Pierre busied himself with track in Courtland.

Progress is progressing – and I’m looking forward to the day when we can run the first Red Ball over the line!

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