Onward to Simcoe

Simcoe, Ontario is where the line from Hamilton splits into two branches to serve Port Rowan and Port Dover. It’s also the start of yard limits on the Port Rowan branch. So it’s as good a name as any to apply to the staging area on my layout.

For a number of weeks now, I’ve had all ties down but the end of rail has been the #10 switch by the depot in St. Williams. This week, I’ve started the last of the track work – the main north of St. Williams (all five or six feet of it) and the four tracks on the sector plate.

The work started with staining and distressing the mainline from St. Williams to sector plate:
Onward to Simcoe photo Sector-HalfStained.jpg

The mainline is the section in front of the radio on the benchwork, and it’s now ready for rail.

Also seen here is progress on the sector plate. All four tracks have received an initial stain of grey, and the two back tracks have now been overpainted with oils. I’ll finish the other two tracks, then let everything dry (oils take a bit of time to lose their stickiness) before starting to spike.

I’m still debating whether to add ballast on the sector plate. I might, because the ballast/glue combination does a great job of locking things together. On the other hand, I will have to be extremely careful to not glue the sector plate to the benchwork! Fortunately, the whole plate lifts off, so if I decide to ballast I can do this off the layout to prevent accidents.

My goal is to have all track spiked, wired, tested and running by the end of August. That gives me about five weeks…

5 thoughts on “Onward to Simcoe

    • Hi Ed:
      Formal art training? You must’ve been looking at someone else’s layout! 😉
      No – none at all, unless fingerprinting and making picture frames out of macaroni in Kindergarten counts.

  1. Trevor,
    Texture, color balance, composition all point to either art training or wonderful powers of observation. The overall effect of your railroad is inspiring to say the least.

    • Hi Ed:
      Again, thanks for the nice words!
      No – no formal training, but I have sat at the knee of some great teachers within the hobby.

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