Waiting in the weeds

Ages ago it seems, I shot this photo of the grass-covered track in Port Rowan on my layout:
Grassy sidings photo Grass-PtR-03.jpg

It received a lot of positive comments, even though – as is obvious looking at it now – there was no other scenery (or even terrain) on the layout at the time.

Today I decided to address that by taking some similar shots, now that all terrain is in and the first pass of basic ground cover has been done. I took three pictures and am still debating which one I like the best… so here are all three:

In the weeds
In the weeds photo WaitingInTheWeeds-03.jpg

In the weeds, again
In the weeds, again photo WaitingInTheWeeds-02.jpg

In the weeds, still
In the weeds, still photo WaitingInTheWeeds-01.jpg

I see lots of opportunity to further detail this scene without spoiling the effect of a lonely branchline terminal. But so far, so good!

14 thoughts on “Waiting in the weeds

    • Entirely unintended, Mike – just the way the light hits the fabric backdrop. But I’ll take what I can get…

  1. I vote for #2. Love the weathering on the box car. I think the only improvement would be to take a bit of the shine off the grass, although it’s probably not noticeable in person.

    • Hi Ed:
      There’s a little bit of shine but only visible in extremely low-level shots like this. From normal viewing angles, it’s not apparent.
      Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Hi Trevor;

    Lovely work, as always.

    I like the first shot best, the partial view of the boxcar really makes it seem as if the photographer were standing next to it, shooting the caboose. The tight composition also minimizes distractions like the fascia corner and the building mock-up to the left.

    The other photos may be more “informative” about the layout, the fist image is the best “you are there” effect.


    • Hi Pieter:
      Thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures.
      Yes, I’m partial to that partial boxcar view as well – mostly because it does allow one to see the end of the caboose. Pierre Oliver at Elgin Car Shops did a great job on my cabooses.
      I think when the section house is finished a shot like #3 will look nice too. Right now, I prefer #2 because it does not show the mock-up.
      Thanks as always for reading – I hope you’re enjoying the summer!

  3. Trevor,

    I like number one. Get the feeling (like what Pieter says) that I am their in Port Rowan sometime in the 1950’s. The wind screen open on the fireman’s side, the dark shadow above the engine hiding the smoke. Can almost smell the coal smoke and hear the ties grown under the weight of caboose and engine.

    The trees in the distance out of focus along with the ROW fences, one set white, one “natural”, nicely composed. Great job all three pictures (and the project) Trevor, nicely done my friend!


    • Hi Matt:
      Glad you’re enjoying the progress. A scale does present well in photos – it’s just big enough to show off detail nicely. And Simon Parent‘s locomotives are works of art!

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