Don’t let those apple trees wander onto the tracks

Keep those trees from wandering photo PtR-OrchardFence-02.jpg

Crossing protection photo PtR-OrchardFence-03.jpg

It was a holiday weekend where I live, so I took advantage of the extra day off yesterday to build the wooden fences around the two orchards at the entrance to Port Rowan.

This involved a fair bit of measuring, cutting and gluing. I modelled my fences on those I see every week when I take my border collie Mocean to the country, where we’re learning to herd sheep:
Everybody's settled photo 25acbb85.jpg

Posts are spaced roughly eight feet apart and stand five feet high, supporting four rows of 1″x6″ boards. I had 95 panels to build, and by the time I added in diagonal braces plus a two pair of gates at the farm crossing, I had cut and glued well over 400 pieces of strip wood. A good day’s work!

I like how the two orchards frame the railroad’s entrance to Port Rowan – with the fences in place, the effect is even better:
Between the orchards photo PtR-OrchardFence-01.jpg

With the fences built, I can now return to creating and planting apple trees, confident that they won’t wander onto the track. 😉

4 thoughts on “Don’t let those apple trees wander onto the tracks

  1. Trevor;
    This scene is fantastic! You are an inspiration!

    Question: What type of mat board are you using for your building mock ups?
    That is, 2 ply , 4 ply?

    Jeff Sankus

    • Hi Jeff:
      Thanks – glad you’re enjoying it.
      As for the matt board, I have no idea how many ply. I buy it at a local art supply store and it’s stiff enough to stand up on its own without flopping, if that’s any help.

  2. Trevor,

    The fences create a nice “really world” quality to the scene. Can’t wait to see all the apple trees in place. Did Port Rowan ever have an snow fences (or remnants) in the time period you are modeling?


    • Hi Matt:
      Thanks for the note. I too am looking forward to seeing the full orchard – it’ll mean I’m done with building more than 200 apple trees!

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