Modelling Trees – Volume 2

Modelling Trees - Volume 2 photo ModellingTreesV2.jpg

I’ve written previously on this blog about Gordon Gravett‘s excellent book, Modelling Trees – volume one of which covered broadleaf varieties.

I was pleased, therefore, to read in my latest issue of Model Railway Journal that volume two has been announced. As is evident in the magazine ad, Gordon has done an equally splendid job of conifers.

I’ve already phoned MRJ’s overseas rep to order a copy. The book is not quite ready for publication, but is close: I eagerly await its arrival.

Highly recommended.

4 thoughts on “Modelling Trees – Volume 2

    • Hi Gene:
      Thanks for sharing this – that’s great to know.
      You will really enjoy volume 1, I think. It turned my tree world upside down…

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