Lynn Valley trestle finished

Trestle abutments photo Trestle-Abutments.jpg

I’ve been working on scenery in the Lynn Valley this week, which required me to finish the trestle. It’s been installed for a while, but I never got around to adding the abutments.

The problem was, without the abutments in place I could not finish the ground cover around the trestle:
Ground cover around the trestle photo Trestle-GroundCover.jpg

Some S scale 2″x12″ boards and some 3/16″ dia. dowel did the job in no time at all:
Abutment closeup photo Abutments-CloseUp.jpg

I still need to detail the river but pretty soon, my swans will have some water.

Below is an overview of the scene. I still need to add broadleaf trees to this area, using techniques from Gordon Gravett’s excellent book, Modelling Trees. The conifers – from my friend Dave Burroughs at MountainView Depot – will get repositioned as I do this.
Overview of trestle area photo Trestle-Overview-Trees.jpg

2 thoughts on “Lynn Valley trestle finished

  1. That scene is shaping up nicely. I’ve never been to the exact location where the right of way crosses the creek, but that valley looks like a typical Carolinian forest, if I recall correctly. I’m interested to see how this shapes up with the broadleaf trees in place.

    What do you plan to use to model the water?


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