Back orchard planted

Back orchard planted photo BackOrchard-Overview.jpg

I built apple trees yesterday afternoon – many, many apple trees – and by dinner time I had planted the back orchard at Port Rowan.

As I’ve described elsewhere, the trees are Woodland Scenics armatures over which I’ve added fine leaf foliage using the company’s Hob-E-Tac adhesive. (This stuff looks and smells like Weldbond, but I tried brushing some Weldbond on an armature and it doesn’t seem to set up as tacky – so I’ll keep using the Hob-E-Tac.)

Once planted, I squirted the orchard with hair spray, sprinkled the Woodland Scenics fine leaf foliage with a bit of Selkirk Scenery leaf material to add variation and colour, then scattered Woodland Scenics apples. The effect is quite good – and we know they’re apple trees because, well, they have apples in them!
Detail of the back orchard photo BackOrchard-Detail.jpg

I really like the view from eye-level as a train enters the Port Rowan yard between the orchards:
Between the orchards photo 1560-OrchardArrival.jpg

(Note that the trees in the front orchard have not yet had their Selkirk leaves or apples applied.)

Now, onto the front orchard. I’m less than half-way done with building apple trees, but the process is going quickly so far and as I anticipated, it’s worth the effort!

10 thoughts on “Back orchard planted

    • Hi Gene:
      Thanks! I’m blushing…
      Seriously – the visual separation is my intent. I will likely add a loosely-packed forest between orchard and river as my tree-building abilities improve. I want visitors to “discover” the river as they move around to the location of the water tank, so I’ll need a thicker screen of trees there.

  1. Trevor,
    Now you’ve done it…have you checked to see if those wildflowers would be blooming in the Fall when the apples are ripe ;o)

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