Redwing Blackbirds

Redwing Blackbird photo RWBbird-02.jpg

Manfred Lesser at ML Designs offers some nice pre-painted bird castings. He notes on his page that although his Little Critters are done for HO, “they work just as well in S scale”.

I couldn’t agree more.

I recently picked up a package of Redwing Blackbirds and have put them in the meadow at Port Rowan. Here’s one near the turntable approach:
Redwing Blackbird photo RWBbird-01.jpg

I will need to buy more of these for the meadow. Meantime, I also have some of Manfred’s Cardinals and Blue Jays, which will go in the Lynn Valley.

I am tempted to capture the Redwing Blackbird’s distinctive song and play it – at very low volume – through speakers hidden near the meadow. Add in the drone of bees and the buzzing of cicadas – again, at very low volume – and that’ll go a long way towards establishing that it’s summer in southern Ontario.

(Manfred – if you read this, please do not create insect figures!) šŸ™

6 thoughts on “Redwing Blackbirds

  1. Trevor,

    Great work, the birds are “icing on the cake”. Throw in the sound effects, and you will have an amazing scene. Cows in the stream, what’s next, can’t wait to see!


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