Port Rowan orchards planted

Entering Port Rowan photo Orchard-Planted-Detail-02.jpg

I’ve now finished planting all the apple trees in the two orchards that frame the entrance to Port Rowan.

Faster than you could say Ickity Ackity Oop I planted the final two dozen trees in the front orchard – seen below:

Looking towards the Port Rowan station
Orchard - planted (north) photo Orchard-Planted-Overview-01.jpg

Looking up the line towards the Lynn Valley
Orchard - planted (south) photo Orchard-Planted-Overview-02.jpg

As mentioned previously, I decided to use half as many trees as originally planned. I left every second row free of trees, adding brighter green ground foam in these rows to suggest grass and help disguise the stumps (which I simply left in place):
Down the rows photo Orchard-Planted-Detail-01.jpg

I think it looks fine – but especially so at eye level, whether looking at it from the meadow…
Panorama photo Orchard-Planted-Overview-03.jpg

… along the farm track to the rail crossing…
Orchard crossing photo OrchardCrossing.jpg

… or simply under the trees:
Under the apple trees photo Orchard-Planted-Detail-03.jpg

It’s not yet harvest season – although it’s close – so I won’t have ladders and workers everywhere. But adding a farmer checking on the progress of this year’s crop wouldn’t be out of place.

10 thoughts on “Port Rowan orchards planted

  1. Congratulations on another task checked off the list. It’s a rare modeler who would devote so much space to non-essential (?) like this. It looks grand and provides such context.

    Knowing you, you’ve made provisions to access the track work for maintenance when and if needed. It just proves that you can place even large objects in front of the track and trains without any loss of sanity.

    Mike C.

    • Hi Mike:

      Thanks for the nice words. Yes, it’s non-essential space that many would have filled with track or structures. But I think it works here to help set the tone of the layout – a steam-era CNR branch line in its final years.

      For access – I think you’re giving me more credit than I deserve. Access? What’s that? The short answer is, I hope I never have to work on the track. But if I do, the track is not that far from the front edge of the layout… and the trees are short (about 3″). If ever a major problem occurs, the trees are not glued into their stumps, so they can be plucked out. It would cause some damage to the trees – foliage and apples would come off – but that would be easy to replace.

      I don’t anticipate major problems with the track here, though. As with all track on the layout, this area is spiked every 2nd or 3rd tie. Switches have a number of printed circuit board ties in them which do a great job of keeping things in gauge. And most pieces of rail are fed by at least two feeder wires.

  2. Looks like one area is very near completion. As Mike C. said, it is refreshing to see so much space devoted to making a scene believable.

    Mike S

  3. What impresses me most is the character a flat peice of ground contains. Having spent my childhood growing up on a farm tramping through field and forrest, my mind provides the smell of weeds and wildflowers and the sounds of insects. Very convincing, and not a little nostalgic.

    • Hi Ed:

      Thanks for the nice words. It’s good to know my modelling is evoking those memories.

      Even in the flat-ish areas, the ground isn’t completely flat. On the advice of my friend Pierre Oliver, I roughed up the foam board surface with rasps and rifflers, then added random patches of low receive using Sculptamold.

  4. Great scene! Having spent my teenage years in the country, next to an apple orchard, this is a great model of what was always a harbinger of fall, my favourite season.

    • Hi Daniel:

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad it’s reminding you of those years. I hope you have room for an apple orchard on your upcoming layout!

  5. Hi Trevor

    Our group calls them mini scenes that stand alone. Well done, it becomes one of many excellent small scenes that stand alone on your layout. Scenery is always a good thing ;^)

    The apples look good, yes I am getting used to only using my left eye.

    • Hi Bill:

      Thanks for the nice words – I like the idea of mini-scenes. And good to hear about the progress with the eye.

      I’ll give you a call sometime this weekend. It’ll be good to talk.


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