First world problems

That’s a phrase going around these days. Essentially, it means problems that are nice to have, because one does not have any serious problems – like finding enough to eat or a dry and warm place to sleep.

My friend Pierre Oliver visited this week. Before he stopped in for lunch – we went to Harbord House, which is always enjoyable – Pierre photographed some details on an old boxcar to help with a project for his resin rolling stock company, Yarmouth Model Works. And he came face to face with a reminder that even in a wealthy nation such as Canada, people struggle just to live.

Here’s his story. It’s worth reading – and remembering that we’re all fortunate, indeed, to be wrestling with problems like “Where should we eat today?” instead of “Will we eat at all today?”… and the lack of a local hobby shop instead of the lack of shelter. Think about this next time you’re stymied by something on the layout…

Thanks for sharing your experience, Pierre: Good reality check!

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