Some prototype photos

Since I’m rebuilding, let’s start with some prototype photos to give new visitors an idea of what I’m trying to capture in S scale.

Thanks to noted railway photographer Robert Sandusky, I can share this picture of the Lynn Valley water tank:
Lynn Valley Tank - Robert Sandusky Photo photo LynnValleyTank-RS.jpg

Three pictures from the Keith Sirman collection show some activity in Port Rowan:

A 2-6-0 being turned on the turntable
Going for a spin photo PortRowan-KS1.jpg

Mixed Train M233 with Mogul 88 arriving in Port Rowan on weed-overgrown track
Where's the track? photo PortRowan-KS2.jpg

10-Wheeler 1541 in command of M233 in a later era, unloading passengers and express at the station
Train Time at Port Rowan photo PortRowan-KS3.jpg

From Richard Otto, this photo shows the Port Rowan stationin the mid-1960s:
Port Rowan station - 1965 - Dick Otto photo PortRowan-DO-1.jpg

My thanks to these three gentlemen for sharing their photos with me.

I took this photo of tobacco kilns, which are ubiquitous in the area. I’ll add some of these near St. Williams:
Tobacco Kiln photo Kiln-07.jpg

I also took some photos of a steel girder bridge and a trestle in the Lynn Valley. Both are modelled on the layout:
Pennington Bridge photo LynnValley-02.jpg

In the trees photo LynnValley-05.jpg

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