Now we’ll get some track work done…

… because the Burro Crane has entered service!
Burro from the back photo Burro-04.jpg

As previously mentioned, I painted the entire crane with CN Warm Black. This is a great colour, but of course an all-black piece of equipment really benefits from weathering to bring out the details.

I used a combination of airbrushing, dry brushing, thinned washes, and weathering powders to finish the Burro.

I sprayed some thinned Rail Brown and Concrete around the base and along the bottom of the cab to represent dirt and dust from the road. Thinned washes of Gunmetal mixed with Leather were added to the machinery (winding drums and such) to give it a bit of a shine like old grease. Some rust-toned weathering powder on the roof suggests that the paint has blistered off near the engine exhaust.

Silver was dry brushed on handrails, the base of stirrup steps and door handles – any place where paint has been worn off through use. Silver was also brushed inside the clamshell and dry brushed on the outside, to suggest metal polished from scooping gravel. I finished the clamshell with brown and green weathering powders to suggest that the operator has been digging vegetation out of ditches:
Burro from the front photo Burro-05.jpg

More Rail Brown was dry brushed on the floor of the cab, where the Burro crane’s operator (a figure from S Helper Service) has dragged in mud on his boots:
Burro cab photo Burro-06.jpg

This was a fun project and with the crane in service, perhaps I can encourage the operator to spread some ballast on the main line through the Lynn Valley…
Digging in the Lynn Valley photo Burro-07.jpg

7 thoughts on “Now we’ll get some track work done…

  1. Wonderful modeling, the finish on the Burro Crane looks great. I also like the “story” you wrap your modeling in, similar, but much better, than I do with the Minnesota Heartland. I will enjoy reading future installments. Ken

  2. Trevor, Everytime I see your pictures a wave of nostalgia comes over me reminding me of the many branchlines and shortlines I’ve been on. You nailed it my freind. Now if only I can get my Sn2 Forneys to run in grass I’ll have it made.

    Gary Carmichael

    • Hi Gary:

      Thanks – glad you’re enjoying my work.

      Good luck with the Forneys and the grass. I strongly encourage you to look at decoders with keep-alive functions. Lenz Gold decoders are one option (but not the only one).

      Let me know how you make out…


  3. I have been admiring your photo of the Burro crane, I purchased an HO scale unpainted Overland Model 40 Burro crane in 1980. The boom was not attached, I have just gotten the boom attached and the silver U shaped support attached to the boom and to the main body of crane. I am needing information on how to run the thread on the spools to and through the eight round reels that lift the boom up and down. A schematic or detailed photos would certainly help definitely be appreciated. Thank you Thomas Lassak Murfreesboro, TN.

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