Crop Rows

What on earth did we do before miniNatur?

For those who have been living under a zip-textured rock, miniNatur is a German brand of wonderful scenery materials – such as the late summer crop rows that I’ve planted in one of the fields at St. Williams:
Carloads and crops photo Crops-02.jpg

Here’s a close-up of the field (so fresh that the glue is still drying):
Crop rows at St. Williams photo Crops-01.jpg

For this field, I used three packages of Late Summer Soy Beans & Potato Rows, which I purchased at a local hobby shop. (Scenic Express sells them online, here.) I did my best to line up them in neat rows across uneven ground – and this is a case where the photographs do not do the product justice. The field looks even better in person. I’ll be buying more.

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