Additional photos of the S Scale Workshop

Going through my computer, I recently found some photos I’ve taken of the S Scale Workshop‘s Free-mo style modular layout at various venues over the past few years. Enjoy!

Beet loader siding – Chris’ module
Before beets photo SSW-TCTS-2009-01.jpg

Depot on Pete’s module
Depot on Pete's module photo SSW-Copetown2012-07.jpg

Road crossing on Pete’s module
Road crossing photo SSW-Copetown2012-06.jpg

Hornby Mill on Pete’s module
Mill on Pete's module photo SSW-Copetown2012-05.jpg

Brewery, eh? Andy’s module
Brewery, eh? photo SSW-Copetown2012-04.jpg

Stone fill on Andy’s module
Swamp photo SSW-Copetown2012-03.jpg

Church on Jim’s module
Church at Culverhouse photo SSW-Copetown2012-02.jpg

Cannery on Jim’s module
The Cannery photo SSW-Copetown2012-01.jpg

Cooperage on Jim’s module
Culverhouse photo SSW-2010-05.jpg

A busy day at Culverhouse – Jim’s module
Busy day at Culverhouse photo SSW-2010-04.jpg

Water tank – Pete’s module
Another look at Pete's module photo SSW-2010-03.jpg

General Store – Pete’s module
Pete's module photo SSW-2010-02.jpg

Beet loader – Chris’ module
Beet Loader photo SSW-2010-01.jpg

2 thoughts on “Additional photos of the S Scale Workshop

    • Hi Gene:
      Good observation. Like anywhere else, S is definitely a niche scale here in Canada. But there is a good concentration of modellers in Southern Ontario – and many of them, such as Andy Malette, William Flatt, and David and Oliver Clubine, are also manufacturers who create high quality, scale products that can be used together. Their output tends to be the type of equipment that a modeller of the CNR (or, in William’s case, its electric subsidiary the Niagara St. Catharines and Toronto) can use in a steam-diesel transition setting. Being able to find appropriate equipment for a popular local road and modelling era definitely helps with the scale’s popularity here.

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