Heavy Haul

The postman brought a box of 1:64 trucks today, ordered from Diecast Direct.

No photos yet – but I’ve unboxed them and they’ll add some much-needed commercial road traffic around the few industries and the team tracks on the layout. (I’ll try to add some images this week, time permitting.)

The models are die-cast – so finished in some indestructible paint akin to nail polish. They also have cutesy lettering on them, since many seemed to be produced for companies like Hershey’s. That’s fine – I’ll either figure out how to add some tooth to the existing paint or strip them, then repaint them. Some will require a complete repaint, while others will need spot painting – for example, to remove lettering that’s USA-specific so I can substitute Canadian lettering.

Now, I’ll need lettering for trucks, I suppose. Canadian lettering. Perhaps I’ll have to call upon Nelson Allison at Aberdeen Car Shops to see if he’s interested in adding some truck lettering to his growing decal line.

(If you visit Nelson’s page, be sure to check out his printed box kits for S scale. He has sets for general LCL freight and for wine/liquor.)

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