Truck pictures

A quick update – I promised some photos of my recently acquired trucks, so here they are.

Trucks at St. Williams
Trucks-01 photo Trucks-01.jpg

Trucks at the Port Rowan coal track
Trucks-02 photo Trucks-02.jpg

Trucks at the Port Rowan team track
Trucks-03 photo Trucks-03.jpg

Trucks at the Port Rowan depot and behind the feed mill
Trucks-04 photo Trucks-04.jpg

Trucks at the end of track
Trucks-05 photo Trucks-05.jpg

Note that almost all of these will require repainting. Especially the “Penutritious” truck: Egads!

2 thoughts on “Truck pictures

    • Thank you, Marc:

      Yes – I will weather the trucks (and the cars).

      I have already started to repaint a number of them into more “correct” schemes for my location and era. For example, I have painted a truck in the dark blue used for Canadian National Railways Express service (a forerunner of today’s FedEx and UPS style services).

      I must get suitable lettering for the CNR Express truck but have a lead on that. I will photograph my progress and update when I get a little more done.


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