Forehead-slapping moment

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I have been in this hobby for several decades now – almost as long as I’ve been on this earth. Even so, I’m still surprised and humbled by the stuff I either didn’t know about the hobby – or, in this case, knew but forgot.

A note posted to the S-Scale Yahoo Group by Charles Weston caused today’s forehead-slapping moment. Someone was asking about scale rulers for S, and Charles pointed out that many triangular architect’s scales include 3/16″. Otherwise known as S Scale.
 photo ArchitectRule_zps98463a15.jpg

Now in my defence, it’s only relatively recently that I’ve put S scale on my radar. But for almost as long as I’ve known about model railroading, I’ve known about S scale – and I’ve known that it’s an architect’s scale. What’s more, I’ve owned a few of these rulers in my time – leftovers from my high school drafting classes.

But it never occurred to me that one of these rulers would be easier to use than my old reliable, multi-scale, Model Railroad Reference Ruler.
 photo ReferenceRule_zpse38b835e.jpg

Off to the architect supply store this weekend… (thanks, Charles!)
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7 thoughts on “Forehead-slapping moment

  1. Hey Trevor, Lee Valley Tools sells a digital caliper that measures in 64’s. Very handy indeed. Have you found a source for your ruler?


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