Canadian National Steam!

Canadian National Steam

My latest copy of CN Lines – the excellent magazine produced by the Canadian National Railways Historical Association – included a flyer for a new series of books covering Canadian National steam locomotives – and it sounds very exciting.

This series starts with Canadian National Steam! This 248-page book will be supplemented by seven roster volumes. In all, the series promises more than 1,200 photos and lots of great information about the more than 4,300 steam locomotives on the roster of the CNR and its subsidiaries.

I have nothing to do with the publication of this – just an excited book buyer, and thought I’d share.

Follow this link to the publisher’s web site for more information.

3 thoughts on “Canadian National Steam!

  1. Congratulations Pierre on your wiring.
    I am sure it was a Banner(BLUE) day for you. Wonder if your westbound Red Ball freights will meet Trevor’s Mixed @ Jarvis?
    Monte Reeves

  2. Hey Pierre,
    I remember riding with the Simcoe yard crew in the mid 1970’s to set off a high and wide flatcar load on the Jarvis wye to be delivered the next day to the hydro plant at Nanticoke. I was riding in the van and as we regained the Cayuga Sub from the Hagersville Sub lead I saw the N&W F units and #91 stopped at the station in Jarvis. The Simcoe crew was nearly on the law so we lead the way west to Simcoe at 69mph,if you know what I mean.
    Needless to say, CN 759, (Simcoe yard crew)was in the barn quickly to allow the N&W to slam by westbound to get home to St.Thomas ahead of N&W 28 not yet by Glencoe.
    This was my only time to witness CN taking precedence over the N&W. What a ride that was!

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