A cornfield at St. Williams

While searching for something else at a local hobby shop, I came across some beautiful HO scale corn stalks from JTT Scenery Products. I bought five packages and planted them near the depot in St. Williams yesterday:
Cornfield at St. Williams photo Corn-JTT-01.jpg

They’re going to add a nice bit of height to the scene and help blend the layout into the backdrop. They’re pretty eye-catching, too:
The field has ears photo Corn-JTT-02.jpg

There’s no direct link to the corn stalks but they’re item number 95511 – the first item in the JTT Gardening Plants section of the website. They come in a package of 36 for $8.95 – or about 25 cents per stalk.

I’ve already emailed JTT to see if I can place a bulk order – as this photo of five packages in place on the layout makes clear…

JTT Corn photo Corn-JTT-03.jpg

…I’m going to need a lot more of them!

2 thoughts on “A cornfield at St. Williams

  1. It might be good to not plant all the corn with deep green stalks and leaves. Especially the corn around he edges of a field can get pretty dry and almost dead, with small ears and tan stalks. Depending on the year, an entire field may look this way. Toning down the colors, again, especially around the edges of your field, will really help blend your corn in with the rest of the landscape–just as does adding grass between the rails helps the track become part of the landscape.
    From Minnesota, the land o’corn.

    • Hi Ryan:

      Thanks! Great ideas.

      The corn isn’t glued in place – just stuck in holes in the underlying terra foama – so it’ll be easy to replace stalks with browner stuff.

      Now, colouring it – that’ll be a challenge. It’s paper so I’ll have to be careful about adding paint but I may be able to airbrush a dusting of beige onto the edges of the field.


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