That’s a big wagon!

A friend of mine in Eastern Ontario is downsizing his house and I’ve picked up a few interesting things as a result. A while ago, I wrote about buying his Sherline Mill. When I picked it up, I forgot to collect the cover that protects the machine when not in use.

Well, one thing begat another and while discussing the logistics of getting the cover, we ended up striking a deal for another piece of equipment: A railway baggage wagon. A full-size railway baggage wagon. My friend had purchased it at auction several years ago. It originally came from a station in the Kingston, Ontario area.

Now, I’m a downtown dweller, which means the back garden is pretty small. But there are two ways to deal with that. The conventional approach is to go with small things, but I always think that if one pursues this approach a garden can end up looking like Tivoli Miniature World. I prefer going big – with tall grasses, big plants, and a few pieces of garden art.

The baggage wagon arrived today – which is why I spent two hours on a cold but bright January, taking pruners and saw to a large but old and poorly performing rosebush, to clear some space for the wagon. (We have two other large rosebushes in the garden, so it won’t be missed.)

When I was finished I had four garden bags worth of thorns, which I won’t miss a bit. I rolled the wagon into place and discovered it’s perfect to lean against to catch one’s breath:
Don't fall off the wagon photo Wagon-01.jpg

I also discovered that the dogs think it’s pretty cool, too:

A new vantage point? photo Wagon-02.jpg

(My wife also likes it but, sensibly, stayed inside where it’s warm.)

We’ll put pots of herbs on it, although my friend’s wife had a brilliant suggestion: get some stools and use it as an outdoor bar. We could even roll it out and sit on both sides for dining al fresco – just don’t trip over the handle!

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