Future S scale kits from SMMW?

Jim King at Smoky Mountain Model Works has updated his S Scale “What If” page… where he proposes several potential resin kit models and asks visitors to express their interest.

Jim’s work is really nice. My recently acquired Central of Georgia ventilated boxcar is an example.

As Jim notes, the magic number for production is 80 retail sale kits. So far, only a 57′ mechanical reefer has passed the bar. I’ve put in my vote for the PS-1 40′ boxcar and 52′-6″ gondola – both of which are really close to passing 80 as I write this. (I’ve also spoken up for the PRR X29 boxcars, but they’re so far back in the running that at this point they’re unlikely to see the light of day.)

If you’re in S, and you haven’t yet reviewed the page and voted, give it some thought.

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