Long lens

I was photographing the layout yesterday and decided to experiment with a 70-300mm zoom lens. Zoom lenses do foreshorten the scene, so for example the switches look a lot sharper than they actually are – but I don’t mind the effect and the lens allowed me to get into places I can’t with the 18-55mm lens I normally use.

Here are a couple of photos from the operating session. More to come.

CNR 1560 on the yard throat, Port Rowan:
Switching in Port Rowan photo SwitchingPortRowan.jpg

And with its work complete, CNR X1560 East departs Port Rowan:
X1560 East at Port Rowan photo X1560East-PortRowan.jpg


2 thoughts on “Long lens

  1. Dear Trevor

    I have to say I for one am a big fan of the long-lens proto shots. When it comes to modelling proto scenes to high degrees of “compare to a proto-photo” accuracy, esp in small spaces, those foreshortened images can be highly inspirational, and give some hope that even a small layout can “look right”…

    After all, if the proto image _looks_ like a given switching track arrangement is using #4 turnouts, (long lense distortion providing somehow-more-acceptable “selective compression” than that which we as modellers apply un/consciously during the build stage), then why can’t we model the location using #4s?

    Particularly when researching and modelling a prototype one will never be able to visit from 16,000+ kilometres away, if the model looks like the photo, then surely it’s “right”, isn’t it?

    Happy Modelling,
    Aim to Improve,
    Prof Klyzlr

    • Hi Professor:
      It’s a good observation you make about the turnouts – if only the long lens didn’t foreshorten everything else, too. If you model the location using #4 turnouts, and want it to look like the product of a long lens distortion, then you would also have to model 40′ boxcars that were only, say, 20′ long. Locomotives would also have to be squashed to keep everything in perspective.

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