Congrats to the S Scale Workshop (Springfield 2013)

My friend Chris Abbott is attending the Railroad Hobby Show in Springfield MA this weekend, and just emailed me to say that the members of the S Scale Workshop have been awarded “Best in Show : Layout” for 2013 by the organizers:
Workshop Wins in Springfield photo SpringfieldAward.jpg

Well done, guys!

This is the Workshop’s first appearance at the big annual show in Springfield, and what a way to commemorate it. (Longtime readers will recall they managed the same accomplishment in their first appearance at Milwaukee’s TrainFest, too.)

Also, what a great boost for the visibility of S scale in general, and CNR steam era modelling in S in particular. I imagine a number of visitors have said, “If I didn’t already have all this HO…”

(The answer to that, by the way, is “That’s what eBay is for”…)

I’m honoured to be an associate of the Workshop. I do not have a module – I’ve been too busy building my home layout and have yet to make room to work on something portable. The guys are setting the bar pretty high, though…

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