40 to go

No, I’m not ignoring you…

The reason I haven’t posted much about layout progress lately is the stuff I’m working on is slow-going.

For example, I spent several hours this week building tobacco plants for the field in St. Williams. I have another 40 to do and then the back field is finished. That’s only 400 more little pieces to glue together – given that I’ve already assembled more than 450 of the plants, another 40 is a piece of cake!

I will post a photo when I’m done. Stay tuned…

(Then, of course, there’s the front field – a narrow strip that will go between the tobacco kilns and the fascia. But I’m trying to ignore that for now. In any case, I will likely build the kilns first so I’m not working over the fields to install them.)

2 thoughts on “40 to go

  1. Modeling like this is time consuming and tedious, maybe even boring over the course of a long project. The end results are almost always worth the extended effort however. Just picture the supreme effect Gordon’s trees bring to his layout. Your tobacco crops will do the same.


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