Interviewing Gordon Gravett: What a treat!

I’ve written previously about Gordon Gravett and his remarkable pair of books on modelling trees, so it was a real treat to interview him for the podcast I co-host.

Gordon and I talked about the importance of realistic trees for a layout and why he got interested in modelling trees. We also talked about Pempoul – his spectacular 1:50 scale exhibition layout based on French meter gauge.

If you’re not familiar with Gordon, click on the picture for a gallery of his work:
 photo Gravett-Evergreens_zps50d8b0eb.jpg

Then check out our interview.

The interview is part of Episode 49 of The Model Railway Show. If you’re not familiar with the show, here’s how to listen.

Despite fighting a bad cold when I recorded the interview, I had a great time talking to Gordon. I’m certain we would enjoy discussing modelling projects – and all manner of things – over adult beverages. Maybe someday…

6 thoughts on “Interviewing Gordon Gravett: What a treat!

  1. I’ll have to listen to your interview with Mr. Gravett, Trevor. Sounds like a good one. Then again, what I’ve heard from The Model Railway Show has been a good listen, anyhow. 🙂

    Discussing model rail technique over adult beverages–why not? For now, I sate myself with a Newcastle Brown now and then.

  2. Trevor,

    Gordon’s 7mm Modeling books are fantastic as well. Great read for anyone interested in building an attainable railroad in any scale. He does something a lot of folks (like me) don’t do-he completes his layouts!

    Looking forward to listening to the Podcast this weekend!


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