Terminal buildings back in place

The preliminary scenery work at the end of the Port Rowan peninsula is now dry enough to return the building mockups to the layout, so here are a couple of updated photos of the area.

The feed mill occupies a large patch of gravel and cinders. The station can be seen just beyond the mill at right:
A return to normalcy photo PtR-EOT-Green-04_zps9fadf3b6.jpg

In this image, the first view a visitor sees of the layout, the automobile at lower right sits on the future site of a driveway for the first of the houses on Chestnut Street. The mill, the garage, and the station can also be seen:
Buildings, grass and gravel photo PtR-EOT-Green-05_zps666fe8da.jpg

A short work extra has arrived at the station. Curiously, it’s not being pulled by a 10-wheeler…

3 thoughts on “Terminal buildings back in place

  1. Hi Trevor and my apologies in advance if you’ve covered this before and I missed it. What do you use for your mockup buildings and how do you go about constructing them? I’m at the point in my layout construction where mockups will be priceless in figuring out final siding & fascia placement not to mention helping rough in scenery.

    BTW – just discovered over the weekend that we have a common friend in Dean Turta. Sorry we missed you at Springfield and The Steaming Tender Dinner this year, but fingers crossed for 2014!

    Best as always,

    • Hi Chris:
      Great to hear from you and no need to apologize – it’s been a while since I talked about the structure mockups. I wrote about these in a blog posting called Instant Town in May of last year. But briefly, they’re made from artist board and simply taped together.
      Dean – I’ve just met him through my friend Chris Abbott. It’s a small world, it seems!
      Yes, I too am sorry we missed each other at Springfield this year. Maybe next year…

  2. Hi Trevor

    Walking down your back stairs and seeing a passenger train ready to leave Port Rowan, will just whet one’s anticipation to view the layout. Knowing that you will retreat to one of your close by pubs/breweries afterwards does not hurt either.

    Always enjoyable.


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