There’s a reason it’s called “VIA 1”

VIA Rail‘s first class service (VIA 1) is second to none. The train is comfortable, the service is exceptional, the staff is friendly, the food and drink are generous – you’re left with nothing wanting.

Yesterday, I boarded VIA Train 52 – the morning express to Montreal – at Toronto’s Union Station and the first cup of coffee was in my hand even before I was asked for my ticket. And it just got better from there. We left on time at 6:40, and in short order I enjoyed a hot breakfast and a newspaper, then sat back and let somebody else worry about traffic and weather. The free drink once the clock struck 11:00 put me in a great mood by the time we pulled into Gare Centrale at 11:55.

On the return trip (VIA Train 67 leaving at 5:00 pm, arriving at 9:43), the staff poured cocktails before collecting tickets – again proving that their first consideration is for customer satisfaction. Another generous hot meal, with coffee and wine, plus an after dinner drink and chocolate. I snoozed on the way home and arrived refreshed.

The kicker is, the cost for the discounted business class fare was about the same as I would’ve paid to drive, once gas and food was taken into account. The worry-free nature of the trip feels like a huge bonus.

I’ve never had a bad experience riding VIA 1 – so, again, well done!

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