A full plate

All of my steam locomotives are now equipped with brackets to hold classification flags – something about which I’ve already written – so the full roster is now in regular service. Here’s the lineup at the start of a session:
Curtain Call photo FullStaging-01_zps7487614a.jpg

CNR 1532 is on the mixed train today, so it’s not carrying white flags. CNR 1560, 80 and 86 are ready to run as freight extras. (CNR 902 is parked behind one of these trains so is not in the picture.)

I can now stage four trains at a time, which means I can run the layout for several hours before I need to re-stage. The sector plate is getting pretty full, though:
Full Staging photo FullStaging-02_zps2fd626b3.jpg

I will have to do something about that.

I’m looking for a suitable set of drawers to put under the layout, below the sector plate. Since they need to be pretty shallow to make best use of the space, I expect I’ll have to build my own. No rush on this.

I should remove some of the excess equipment from the sector plate area – including that beautiful (but entirely inappropriate) S scale version of the Flying Yankee. (What can I say? I used to model the Boston and Maine in HO and thought the River Raisin Models import would make a lovely mantlepiece model…) I need to paint and finish the brass tank cars too – but in the meantime, they can go back in the display case in my office.

8 thoughts on “A full plate

    • Hi Steve:
      It’s actually painted for the Flying Yankee scheme – and no, it doesn’t run on the layout. No decoder – and it looks darned goofy on 42″r curves…
      I brought it downstairs to show some visiting S scale enthusiasts and it just hasn’t made it back to the display cabinet.

  1. I use a small chest of drawers meant for storing baby’s clothing, the drawers are shallower than normal. You get 6 drawers in the same space used by 4 regular drawers. I’m not sure if it will work with S scale since I model in HO, but I hope it helps you!


    • Hi Diego:
      Great idea – thanks! I’ll see what I can find. Perhaps a search through the online Ikea catalogue will turn up something useful.

  2. I like the lineup of locos with their flags.

    Do you have plans to use the UK-style cassette tracks on your sector plate and drawers to minimise handling of your excess stock?


    • Hi Terry:
      Thank you – I do too.
      At this point, no plans for cassettes. I’ll acquire/build the drawers first, then figure out how I’m going to use them.
      I’m not too worried about excessive handling. The S scale equipment is pretty robust – I’m regularly turning the locomotives by hand – and any damage to paint/weathering can always be fixed with some touch-up airbrushing.

      • Why not replace one track on your sector plate with space to hold a cassette, and have some simple storage at the rear, say a 12″ high frame with support brackets every 4″ up, spaced at 2′ intervals? You could store 2 extra trains that way.


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