Fuzzy Friday

Fuzzy coal track.

Having added ballast to the coal track in Port Rowan yesterday, today I broke out the static grass applicator and worked on grassing up the track and the fill on which it rests:

Fuzzy coal track.

I used the same process described earlier on this blog, but the fill was painted an earth colour then sprinkled with ground up tea leaves. (I enjoy loose tea and save the leaves after making a cuppa, drying them on a cookie sheet then running them through a blender.)

The above photos show the coal track as seen from the coal track switch. Note in the distance that the team track switch looks like it has disappeared in the grass. As the shot below illustrates, however, the grass on the coal track and team track is not as dense as it appears. The important thing is, it’s clear enough for a train to negotiate:

Fuzzy track in Port Rowan.

I’ll actually get fairly close to one of the few prototype photos of the coal track. I don’t have the prototype photo, but anybody with a copy of Ian Wilson‘s Steam Echoes of Hamilton should recognize this picture:

Sand those rails!

There’s still a lot to do, but I’m getting a better idea of what the finished scene will look like and I’m liking what I see:

Fuzzy Port Rowan.

Fuzzy Port Rowan.

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