S Scale Workshop at Ottawa Train Expo

I was unable to disappear for three or four days, so I was unable to join the S Scale Workshop in flying the 1:64 flag at this year’s inaugural Ottawa Train Expo.

But based on the photographs from Simon Parent and the report from Andy Malette, it sounds like a great time was had by all.

A highlight must’ve been the debut of a new module set by John Johnston. I’m looking forward to seeing John’s modules in person. I’m also looking forward to the official report from the Ottawa Train Expo organizing committee, as I interviewed one of its members, Chris Lyon for Episode 29 of The Model Railway Show podcast.

(UPDATE: Unfortunately, the organizers could not make a go of this show. After a strong start, the group was unable to find an appropriate venue for prices that the public would be willing to pay at the gate. The 2016 show was scrubbed and the organization disbanded.)

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