The Daily Effort – Time Table plotted

I thought it would be interesting to build a visual representation of the Time Table for The Daily Effort and share it.

The mixed train starts its journey in Hamilton in the morning on the schedule of M233 – a Second Class Train. It heads to Simcoe, then to Port Rowan, with scheduled stops as follows:
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M233-Map photo ProtoMap-M233_zps8de71cbe.jpg

When it’s time to leave Port Rowan, the train assumes the schedule of M238, with scheduled stops shown below (and note it only travels to Simcoe at this point):
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M238-Map-pt1 photo ProtoMap-M238-pt1_zps13334f43.jpg

At Simcoe, The Daily Effort then assumes schedule M236 for the trip to Port Dover:
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M236-Map photo ProtoMap-M236_zpsd567833f.jpg

The return from Port Dover to Simcoe is run on schedule M235:
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M235-Map photo ProtoMap-M235_zps308290a5.jpg

At Simcoe, the train once again assumes the schedule of M238 for the return to Hamilton, and is scheduled to arrive in the evening:
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M238-Map-pt2 photo ProtoMap-M238-pt2_zps9eb65a8e.jpg

Along the way, it has travelled on three subdivisions – the Hagersville, the Caledonia, and the Simcoe.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Effort – Time Table plotted

  1. Hi Trevor,
    As to timetables and the return trip of the Mixed 238 to Hamilton I remember the late Ray(Tibby) Harris , a CN operator, laughing as he related to me the many times that after closing the switch at the Simcoe JCT “those engineers would open the throttle on those little teapots and just have them highballing down the main (Cayuga Sub). They would be coming at you and you’d have to hoop an order for them and those moguls would be just a- rockin’ side to side”.

    Monte Reeves

    • What a neat story – thanks for sharing, Monte!
      I bet they wanted to keep out of the way of the Wabash Red Ball freights.

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