What’s with the dinner reports, anyhow?

A friend recently emailed and made mention of the dinner reports I post on this blog – and that got me thinking that some of you may be wondering why I write them. This is, after all, a blog on building a model railway – and dinner has nothing to do with that, right?

Actually, wrong – at least in my opinion.

Beyond the fact that I like to eat (and so do many of my friends), I always consider our work sessions to be a social event.

When the crew visits, they twist and contort to run wiring, they break a sweat sawing lumber, they bang their head on the too-low duct in the layout room – and they come back for more. Feeding them – or going out for a meal and a pint – is one way I thank them for the time and effort they invest in my layout.

It’s also a chance to stretch, pause and reflect on what we’re building, and brainstorm ideas to tackle the next project. With a break for dinner, work sessions become an event that everybody looks forward to attending.

Finally, and equally importantly, it’s a chance to talk – to share ideas about the hobby and about non-hobby subjects – that we don’t always get to discuss while building benchwork or spiking rail.

I’m in this hobby not to build a layout or conduct operating sessions, but to enjoy the company of good friends with whom I share a common interest.

4 thoughts on “What’s with the dinner reports, anyhow?

  1. Trevor;
    I whole hardheartedly agree with you in every point that you made.
    Keep the lunch and dinner reviews coming 🙂

  2. Hi Trevor

    Having enjoyed several dinners with you, sadly not close enough to enjoy them as frequently as I would like. And there are so many interesting restaurants so close by!


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