Updating with inline images

I’ve done a lot of editing on the blog over the past week, updating postings with inline images. I’ve now done this back to early June, 2012 – and plan to eventually update the whole thing.

Is it worth going back? I think so. For starters, I like the look of the blog a lot better. But equally important for me, it’s a chance to review what I’ve done – and written about. I’m finding things I forgot about, that really pleased me at the time. And I’m finding things I said I would have to tackle, but have forgotten about. Time to make a list of those – or, at a minimum, re-read my blog periodically.

At the bench, I’m currently working on Pierre Oliver’s tobacco kilns – and, since spring is around the corner, I’ve also brushed off a project related to my interest in live steam garden railways. I’ll continue to blog on these – and of course, the S scale adventure – as I make progress.

2 thoughts on “Updating with inline images

    • Thanks Simon. I agree.
      By the way, I’ve now updated almost a full year’s worth of blog entries. I’m back to April, 2012. It’s interesting to review the layout in its Plywood Pacific stage, and realize how far it has come. It’s also neat to see some of the changes I’ve made to my plans and ideas as I made progress on the layout. No compromises – just different ways to do things as I discovered new techniques, or new prototype information.

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