Notes from a 1900 GTR Time Table

This week, my friend John Mellow shared some information about my branch, courtesy a Grand Trunk Railway System public time table from July 26, 1900. This is well before the era I’m modelling, of course, but it’s interesting history nonetheless – so thank you, John!

The time table notes Mixed Train 61 leaves Hamilton’s Stuart Street station at 8:50 am and arrives in Port Rowan at 1:10 pm. It leaves Port Rowan as Mixed Train 64 at 1:45 pm, arriving back at Hamilton at 8:10 pm.

The time table also lists a round-trip accommodation train. This train leaves Port Rowan at 6:30 am as number 62, arriving at Hamilton at 10:05 am. The return trip, as train 63, leaves Hamilton at 5:15 pm and arrives in Port Rowan at 9:25.

At this time, there was an engine house off the turntable in Port Rowan, and the stub-end team track spur was double-ended. Someone looking for a challenge might wish to consider tackling the GTR at the dawn of the 20th Century, which would offer additional structures for modelling and two scheduled trains per day.

6 thoughts on “Notes from a 1900 GTR Time Table

    • Hi Jeffrey:
      That’s really interesting stuff. Thanks!
      I have to admit the 1900 time table stymies me a bit. There are trains listed from Hamilton to Port Dover as well – and at least one of them appears to have the same schedule as the Hamilton-Port Rowan run. But south of Simcoe the times go wonky – suggesting the train is in two places at the same time.

    • To add to that, if you can find an employee timetable for the same period, it would provide the information you need to resolve the conundrum, as it would include any light engine movements, and possibly engine allocations.

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