A prototype + S connection

Thanks to Bill Roberts, I have a fresh prototype photo to share – and there’s an interesting connection with S scale.

It’s the summer of 1955 and Anthony Perles took this picture of The Daily Effort:

Anthony Perles photo of Port Rowan.

The note on the back of the photo states:

Anthony H. Perles, 7-16-55, Port Rowan, Ont. CNR 80 (2-6-0 E-10a) RPO 7707, and combine 7176, as Train 233 at Port Rowan terminal.

There are not many photos taken from this side of the tracks so it’s wonderful to see a different perspective – and a perspective that operators on my layout will see since this is the “aisle side” on my layout. I will have to park a couple of automobiles at this end of the depot, as in the photo. And I definitely need to add weeds, saplings and other vegetation along this side of the rails.

Speaking of rails – look how small they are. Talk about a ribbon of steel.

Now, the S connection: The National Association of S Gaugers gives out an annual award to an author who publishes an article about S in a non-S scale publication. It’s a great way to encourage people to promote the scale. And the award is named in honour of…

Anthony H. Perles.

2 thoughts on “A prototype + S connection

  1. Trevor,

    Think you are going to need some a larger variety of weeds and more of them. Looks like CN never ran the weed burner down to Port Rowan! Great Photo and interesting story.


    • Hi Matt:
      Yep – I will need to get creative with greenery. But not just yet – I must get things wired and tested first. And I still have a bit of rail to lay.

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