The right tool for the job

As regular readers know, when the guys come over to work on the layout I like to feed ’em. And nothing makes a dinner complete like fresh, home-baked bread.

The problem is, making dough with a kitchen appliance is fine if I’m doing a single loaf. But when there’s a large crowd, I needed something up to the task.

So yesterday, I picked up this beauty:

Drill Press.

It’s a 3/4 horsepower, 16-speed model with a six-inch quill stroke, so it’ll get to the bottom of even the deepest mixing bowl and work through the toughest of doughs. And the large table has several clamping options to keep the dough from hitting the floor, or me.

I also appreciate the LED work light.

I’m sure I’ll find many other uses for it. Already, my friend Chris Abbott has suggested pancake batter.

9 thoughts on “The right tool for the job

  1. Bread is excellent. Pancakes are also acceptable, but brownies!!. Now you’re speaking my native language.

  2. Trevor,

    Now that is a bread maker! Guess I will have to make a trip to work on the ROW weeds and get some bread and beer! Great post.



    Since this posting has elicited many food references, I suggest trying the above recipe. They are good.


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