Bushes and weeds for the Lynn Valley

Weeds and bushes photo M233-1532-Meadow-03_zps764aaa8a.jpg

M233 rounds the last curve to Port Rowan photo M233-1532-Meadow-02_zpsfb318f88.jpg

M233 rounds the last curve to Port Rowan photo M233-1532-Meadow-01_zpsc384131e.jpg

Since I was in a scenery mood, I worked on the east side of the Port Rowan orchards as well. Here, the line curves away from Port Rowan and towards the Lynn Valley.

I’ve added weeds and bushes to this section of meadow. I planted bushes along the track here, and used them to define the edge of the forest that I must build along the banks of the Lynn River.
M233: Port Rowan ahead photo M233-1532-Meadow-05_zps23ef7ee7.jpg

Final approach photo M233-1532-Meadow-04_zpseb9632c7.jpg

I also removed my trees along the Lynn River, planted bushes along the banks, and then replaced the trees. This area is filling in nicely. As I’ve mentioned several times before, I must spread out the evergreens and build more broadleaf trees for this area:
Cows in the Lyn River photo LynRiver-Shrubs_zpscb596eb8.jpg

The trees cast quite a lot of shadow, making this a moody scene when a train passes through:
The Daily Effort crosses the Lyn River photo CNR7176-Bridge-02_zps534a1317.jpg

CNR 7176 and bathing beauties photo CNR7176-Bridge-01_zpsf9074b44.jpg

(Click on the photos for larger versions.)

Good progress, I think, for a few hours’ work!

8 thoughts on “Bushes and weeds for the Lynn Valley

  1. Very well done Trevor! I have never seen meadows and wild flowers on a layout as effectively done as these.

    Mike C.

  2. My wife likes those photos. I had to tell her that it was a model!
    You are one of the few recipients of her “tree award”. Sadly, it is virtual, but she is very picky about it: you join Barry Norman and the Gravetts in this exclusive and unheard of club.


  3. Trevor:

    Joe nominated your photo of bushes and weeds on 4/19 for Yes its a Model. We were hoping for one that had the train coming into the scene which I found on your website. Could you provide us with a brief captions of the middle photos for use in this months publication. Time is short so if you could get back with it as soon as you can I would be very appreciative.

    • Hi Don:
      Thanks for the kind words. I’ve emailed you off-blog with the information. Let me know if you received it, and if you require anything else.

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