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I’ve been thinking about labels for the fascia. Real railways love putting names to things – and labels help visiting model railway enthusiasts find their way around a layout.

I’ve looked at a number of layouts online, to see what sort of labels people are using. And I’ll do some research, locally, to find an engraver and work with them to pick a sign style, font, colour, etc.

The question is, “What should I label?”

Here are my thoughts in the order they appear on the layout as one heads towards Port Rowan from staging, with notes below:

– Charlotteville Street
– St. Williams ON (MP 13.53)
– Hammonds (Grain Bin)
– Stone Church Road Bridge (MP 14.04)

– Lynn River – Robinson Bridge (MP 14.87)
– Lynn Valley Water Tank (MP 15.49)
– Lynn River – Pennington Bridge (MP 15.51)

– Farm Crossing
– JL Buck & Son (Coal Dealer)
– Section House (MP 16.57)
– Turntable (MP 16.65)
– JC Backhouse (Feed Mill)
– Port Rowan ON (MP 16.92)
– Bay Street


– I would include Mile Posts for railway-related structures since that’s one way railways identified their physical assets.

– I have interpolated Mile Posts for the structures and features that were not part of the original branch (such as the Stone Church Road overpass and the Lynn Valley tank).

– The bridge names are modern – from the rail trail – but I like them so plan to use them. It’s nicer than saying “trestle” and “deck girder”.

Further to the question, “What should I label?”…

– Do I label track switches with the name of the track they access? (e.g.: In Port Rowan, these would be – “Coal Track”, “Turntable Lead”, “Team Track” and “Siding”)

– Do I bother with labels for the Section House and Turntable in Port Rowan?

– Do I bother with labels for the non-railroad structures (e.g.: the Coal Dealer and Feed Mill in Port Rowan, and Hammonds in St. Williams)? Does it look odd since most of the carload customers do not have private sidings and use the team track for shipping and receiving?

I’m open to suggestions on these questions… and thoughts on other fascia labels that would be useful.

4 thoughts on “Fascia Labels

  1. I would label only stations (by depot, per RR practice), industries, and the water tank. Perhaps the street names as well. Some mileposts might make ops more fun too–you could have a section crew at MP 14 and issue an order to the train crew to stop and protect against the crew.
    Too many non-RR labels would make the fascia cluttered and make parsing through the signs to find useful information difficult. Even labeling the turntable would be overkill, in my opinion, as it is a pretty identifiable object on sight.
    My two cents…

  2. Hi Trevor,
    Instead of Charlotteville Street, name it the Townline Road which is its proper name.
    Love the scenery , you have a gift with your hands Trevor!
    Cheers ,

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